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Add to Calendar   25-01-2014 21:00:00 26-01-2014 02:00:00 68 CodeCraft 2k14 Threads 2k14 presents "CodeCraft", the grand algorithmic sprint. It is an ACM-ICPC style online programming contest. http://felicity.iiit.ac.in/threads/codecraft Felicity, IIIT Hyderabad codecraft@felicity.iiit.ac.in http://www.facebook.com/events/264343560395311 true DD/MM/YYYY



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  1. Contest starts on 25th Jan, 2014 at 2100 hours IST. Contest will be of 5 hours.
  2. This is an individual event.
  3. There will be a total of 10 problems of varying difficulty.
  4. Ranking will be done:
    • first on number of problems solved (more is better).
    • in case of a tie, the total time for the first accepted submission of each problem is taken into account (less is better).
    • time is measured from the beginning of the contest until the submission was accepted by the jury, where each rejected submission adds 20 minutes penalty time.
  5. For any doubts/queries you can request for clarifications through the portal itself. Doubts (if any) will be resolved by the Admin through the same.
  6. If you are facing any issues, you can contact us at codecraft@felicity.iiit.ac.in.

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