So, you think you can code?

The annual grand algorithmic sprint is back yet again, based on ACM ICPC format.
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  1. You will have 10 problems and 5 hours.

  2. There is no partial scoring for any problem.

  3. This is an individual event. Any type of plagiarism will lead to disqualification.

  4. Users will be ranked first on number of problems solved and then on sum of time penalty for all accepted problems.

  5. Time penalty for an accepted problem = time at which first accepted submission(in minutes) + k * 20; where k = number of rejected (compile error not included ) submissions before first accepted submission.

  6. Allowed Languages : C, C++, Java

Event Details

All times are in UTC+5:30.

Starts: 02:00 PM, 25th Jan 2015
Ends: 07:00 PM, 25th Jan 2015
Contact Email: